From Alan and Elsa Gray: As extensive travelers, we were with some friends on vacation in Barbados in 1993. After locating the Chapel where LDS meetings were held, we attended Church on the Sunday we were there.

We have never been anywhere in the world where we were more warmly received. Almost every member took time to greet us, and always with the broadest of smiles on their face. After the meetings were concluded, we took pictures in front of the building, and nearly all who attended were included.

On our last night, we decided to give copies of the Book of Mormon to the cook and housekeeper of the villa we were occupying. Upon calling the Church, two copies were hand delivered in a matter of minutes.

Our cook was named O'Hara, and she was acquainted with an LDS lady who ran a fruitstand near our villa. After giving O'Hara a copy of the Book of Mormon, we never heard whether she became a member of the Church or not.

The treasured memories we have of Barbados are many, but the friendly people are among those we will remember the longest.