[K. B. Reinhold Stoof was born in 1887, at Plauveninsel, Prussia, Germany. In 1926, he was called to preside over the South American Mission. In 1928, he expanded missionary work to German immigrant colonies in Brazil. President Stoof was released in 1935, after a mission of nearly nine years! He spoke in General Conference in April, 1936.]

"Our experiences with the Latin-American people with regard to teaching the Gospel are very encouraging.... A great harvest is waiting for the Church in South America. I have no doubt in my mind regarding that. The Lord gives me that testimony. God bless those far countries in the south home country of my children. God bless my South America." (Reinhold Stoof, Conference Report, April 1936, p.87-9)

[In 1935, Rulon S. Howells, a former missionary to Germany, was the president of the newly created Brazil Mission. There were 143 members of the Church in the mission when he arrived. After a three-year assignment, President Howells spoke in General Conference in 1939. He later again presided over the Brazilian mission in 1949-54. Here are his words in 1939:]

"I had much less fear in the jungles of Brazil than I feel upon this occasion. I am indeed humble before such an awe-inspiring assemblage.

"This year marks the centennial of the Church's missionary work abroad. I am pleased to make a report of one of the latest, or perhaps the last, foreign mission opened up by the Church--the Brazilian Mission in South America. In 1930, through the efforts of a few missionaries sent out from Buenos Aires, Argentina, converts were baptized and a branch was established in a small town in the southern part of Brazil. In 1935, just four years ago now, we were called to open the Brazilian Mission. Since that time, with the splendid cooperation of your missionary sons, and the great leading spirit of the Lord which has been with us in that work, eight branches in that great country are now part of our Church.

"Inasmuch as this is the first report of this new mission, you might be interested in knowing that our work up until just recently has been carried on solely among the European colonists who have been settling Brazil for the past hundred years, more particularly among the German people. We have many stalwart members and fine friends among these people.

"Ours has been a pioneering work and in many of the villages and towns where the missionaries have gone the name "Latter-day Saint" or "Mormon" had never been heard before. It didn't take the adversary very long to catch up and circulate the usual falsehoods....

"While our work was carried on among these German-speaking people we were able to get the Book of Mormon translated into the Portuguese language, the common language of the great country of Brazil, and now many missionaries are engaged in proclaiming the restored Gospel in this language, and the work will go on even more rapidly....

"My testimony has been strengthened by witnessing how the Gospel of Jesus Christ actually works for the salvation of the soul in the daily lives of Latter-day Saints more universally than in any other form, creed, or symbol to be found upon the earth today. I feel there is a great future for the Gospel in Brazil and South America and that there are many souls who are waiting for the truth." (Rulon S. Howells, Conference Report, April 1939, p.134-36