From: Matthew Call. I have passed the message on to a few others to send you their personal thoughts and feelings about the Temple, too.

The Colonia Juarez Temple was dedicated with four sessions on March 6&7 1999, one year to the day of the Ground Breaking Ceremony. There was one session on Sat the 6, and three on Sunday the 7. President Hinckley presided, with President Packer and Elder Eran Call also in attendance. All three spoke in each session.

The members of the two stakes this temple will serve had the privilege helping in some of the work on the temple. Members raked dirt, laid sod, sanded wood, cleaned, and painted in order to help get the temple ready in time for its open house and dedication.

I had the privilege of singing in the choir for the first session. It was truly a humbling and uplifting experience. I felt awe at the greatness of my Heavenly Father, and his Son, and gratitude for the special gift which we have recieved in this temple. The beauty of the music, the the surroundings, and the words spoken have helped to make my testimony of the gospel grow in ways I would have never imagined.

I think that you should all know what a miracle this temple is in the lives of the people in this area. There have been members of the church living in the mormon Colonies in Mexico for over one hundred years. Never was there a hope though of having a temple built in our small communities. The closest Temple to us up until now has been the Arizona Temple in Mesa, 7 hours away. There has always been the desire for a House of The Lord here, but the low numbers of membership in the church made that seem an impossibility.

Then came the wonderful announcement by Pres. Hinckley that there would be small temples built, and that one would be built here in our own Colonies! What a shock and a suprise. There were many thankful tears shed that night, and for the year and a half that have passed since then. Still there are thankful tears shed here, and there will be many more. The Lord has blessed us greatly, and we are very grateful.