From Adam Watkins: I served in the Korea Pusan mission from 1997-1999. It has been a short 2 years since my return home, but I still have strong feelings for the wonderful Korean people and great memories. I wanted to share with you one of my experiences.

Around Thanksgiving time, my companion and I walked down the streets of the city of Taegu. A man came up to us to question about the holiday and invited us to his home to visit his wife. I hesitated, thinking that visiting a female alone was not a good idea. My companion was a very young missionary at the time and was very excited to visit although we had no plan. His idea was that we would walk in and I would just start talking. Great plan for me, eh?

So we walked into the pharmacy that they owned and I decided to ask for a pack of cough drops to begin a conversation. When she saw us she smiled and said, "I've been waiting for you." We became quick friends and she told us of all the free time she had at work to just sit and read books, yet she didn't have any new ones. So, we gave her one to read, The Book of Mormon of course, which she read in a short 3 weeks. She was finally able to attend church and the members were amazed at her swift reading and her strong testimony of the book. But her baptism did not come until 2 months later.

She had many questions each time we came to visit. Her husband was also not very happy about her church attendance. So we began to work with him as the sister missionaries continued together with her. We all became great friends and each visit was no less than 2 hours long, all the time answering questions. She was a very humble yet confused person. But we were patient and tried our hardest to help her. At one point, we left a video of The Book of Mormon for her to watch. She fell asleep and awoke to a feeling of someone's hand on her shoulder. She turned to find no one there, and then turned to see the video of the book. She knew it was true.

We continued to meet and try to prepare her for baptism but she didn't feel right. One night as we turned to leave, I got a feeling to ask her again. I put the thought aside for she had strongly emphasized that she was not ready and had no time. But I decided to ask anyway. I told her that Sunday was a special day because there was a baptism happening. I asked her if she would prepare herself to be baptized on that date. She said, to my surprise, "yes. I felt that before I was not ready. But now I do." We ran all the way home with huge smiles on our faces.

At her baptism, she walked to the front to introduce herself to the ward, and turned to ask if she might say a few words-possibly share her testimony. Of course that was ok and she began to share a few experiences that caught each persons attention and emotions. She told of how the night before she had prayed to Heavenly Father that He would forgive her of her sins and mistakes. She prayed for about 30 minutes and spoke about her husband and the difficult time he was giving her for studying about the church. But then she realized that maybe it was a blessing to have a husband like hers. She thought that maybe the Lord blessed her with a difficult husband in order that she would find Him. She then felt a warm feeling rush over her. She became very excited and so very relieved for she felt that the Lord had forgiven her of her sins. She stood up and wanted to run to the window and shout about her excitement. But it was late and her husband was asleep. At the end of her testimony, we were all in tears and felt she was special to us and knew she was to the Lord.

I learned so much form this woman. Through answering her questions, I learned much about the gospel and how the Lord works through us to reach His children. She taught me about being humble and patient. The Lord has His own timetable and if we do things His way, all works out the right way.