From Matthew Zundel:

I served a mission in Argentina in the northern part of Buenos Aires during 1997 through 1999. in my first area we contacted a wonderful old lady named Elizabeth with my companion. She invited us in and listened to our message of the gospel. She belonged to another faith, however, she was genuinely kind to us and invited us back. As we continued with our visits we felt she had enough trust in us and that she was enjoying the lessons that we could ask her to invite a friend over the next time we came to visit. She accepted and before we left she wrote down some of the names of people she would like to invite over.

The next day we returned she invited us in and introduced us to her friend, Olga who happened to live just next door. We introduced ourselves and told her we were missionarys for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints. She seemed a little apprehensive at first, but as she felt the calmness and confidence of Elizabeth she soon became calm as well.

Not too long into the discussion Olga shared an experience with us that she had shared with her friend just before we arrived. The day we left Elizabeth's, she decided that day to visit her friend and invite her over. Olga was somewhat nervous and sain she would think about it. That night she had a dream that she and Elizabeth were walking together to go to a church she hadn't been to before. She and Elizabeth were walking side by side. In front of her she saw two people dressed in white leading them. She turned to Elizabeth and asked who they were. She replied, "Those are the servants of the Lord and they are taking us to find the truth." She told this experience to her friend Elizabeth the next day, who in turn shared it with us.

As we continued with the discussion, Olga began to cry as did Elizabeth. Olga didn't know what she was feeling, but by the look in her eyes, she was happy. Both took the discussions and accepted baptism. Elizabeth now serves as the teacher for Gospel Doctrine in her ward in Barracas, in Buenos Aires.