From William E. Seegmiller: After April Conference 1998 the mission was notified that the First Presidency had approved the stake divisions submitted earlier that year. Elders Alvarado and Perez of the Area Presidency were assigned to make the changes. Those changes were realized between May 14-17, 1998. Five new Stake Presidencies were organized, including two new Stakes.

The two new Stakes include; San Isidro and Tocumen.

The Colon Stake, President Rodriquez, was reorganized creating the Alcalde Diaz District which now consists of 11 branches.

The San Miguelito Stake is now the San Isidro Stake, President Reyes and the San Miguelito Stake, President Lopez (formerly the stake president of Panama Stake).

Tocumen Stake consists of Pedregal and Tocumen district with President Navarro as Stake President.

Panama Stake with President Rene Martinez, now has Veracruz branch and was divided into Bella Vista was and Betania branch giving Pedregal to the Tocumen Stake.

The Chorrera Stake was reorganized to create the Los Altos de San Francisco, (5 branches) and Arraijan, (7 branches) Districts. President Brandares is the Stake President.

The David Stake was reorganized, creating the Concepcion District with 6 branches including two in Volcan. David Stake now has 5 wards and 6 branches.

In all, 35 new church units have been created with a membership of about 28,000.. There have been 17 new bishops called, 21 new branch presidents in districts called. There have been 21 new building rented for chapels. The church now has 7 Stakes and 8 Districts.

In San Blas all following Islands and branches are open, with missionaries and full service branches: Ustupu, Playon Chico, Irgandi, Ucupa, Ticantiki, Nargana, and Cartitupile. There are some 2,000 members on the Islands.