From John Hoopes: The first place I served on my mission was in Pordenone, a little town near the Aviano air base. (That is why we were sent to Pordenone, to be neat the American members at Aviano) I was there from Dec. 1965 through April 1966. Almost every Sunday we took the bus to the countryside, where we met Bro. Luigi Pittini (not Pettino), who rode his old bicycle from his home. We walked together (he walked his bike) to the home of Bro. and Sister (Pietro?) Snidero, an older couple who joined the Church when they lived in France. Bro. and Sister Snidero had a large old farm house with a special room in which they held church (I have pictures of it and them). Bro. Pettini was converted while working for them. After church we ate together. Sister Snidero fixed dinner. Usually we had rabbit, which they raised. In fact, after dinner they usually asked us to come to see the rabbits and choose the one they would fatten up to eat next week.