[The June 1993 The Friend magazine has a good article about a seven-year-old boy from Paraguay, named Raul Aquino Gonzales. The article was written by Marvin K. Gardner and it is entitled: "Raul Aquino Gonzales of Piquete Cue Paraguay." Respecting the copyright, I will only summarize portions. Your local ward library may have a copy this issue of The Friend.]

Raul was a first grader in a religious school, in a small town in Paraguay. He was the only Church member in his school. Raul explained: "They expelled me from school because I'm a Mormon."

One day in school, people started saying critical things about the Church. Seven-year-old Raul spoke up and tried to defend the Church. "People started criticizing the Church without knowing anything about it. They were saying things that aren't so. I tried to defend the Church by telling them they were wrong. I was expelled because I wouldn't conform."

Raul enrolled in a different school. "I've already told the people at the new school that I'm a Mormon, but they didn't expel me!"

"Ever since I met the missionaries, I've wanted to be like them. I've never hidden the fact that I'm a Mormon. . . . I really want my eighth birthday to come so I can be baptized. And I want to be a missionary. I know that the Book of Mormon and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are true. I would tell the children all over the world to love everyone -- especially the children in the street who don't have a home. They make me cry a lot."

The article explains: "Raul and his family live in the small Paraguayan town of Piguete Cue. In the nearby town of Limpio, there is a beautiful LDS meetinghouse where a ward meets. But each Sunday, Raul and his family pass the Limpio Ward meetinghouse on their two-hour bus ride to the town of Villa Hayes. There they attend a tiny branch that meets in a small rented house." They travel so far to church because the branch needs leadership. Raul's father is the first counselor in the branch presidency. Raul attends Primary and often bears his testimony in sacrament meeting. Raul is already a missionary!