From Spencer Nugent: I am Spencer Nugent, Fifteen years of age and about 5 ft 5 in height. You can vsit my web site at for more infoormation on me and Jamaica. I am a Teachers quorum president in the Linstead Branch of my church. I attend Campion college - A high school - and I am in the tenth grade.

Well, unfortunately, the young men in Jamaica are not very active. In my quorum there are about five young men active. I am lucky to have a testimony of the gospel and be able to withstand the peer pressure I get everyday. Unfortunately many young men fall away because of worldly influences around them. Many neglect to come to and participate in church activities such as Seminary. The young women on the other hand are very much active when it comes to activities and coming to church.

I can remember one year when the young men went camping. It was great fun and we learned many important survival skills. In fact on that day we were inducted as full fledged scouts. I loved the scouting program for when it lasted. Now our leader isn't very active so we are doing the best we can with who and what we have.

Regardless of all our problems here in Jamaica I still enjoy going to church and participating in activities and fellowshipping. Well since the guys aren't all that active, why not hang out with the girls. hehehe :o)