Worldwide Saints - History of the LDS Church in Various Countries

Authored or Compliled by David R. Crockett


o       Vacation visitors to Church in Barbados

o       Sampson family - members in Barbados

o       Vacation visitors to Church in Barbados

o       The branch in Guantanamo Bay

o       The branch in Guantanamo Bay

o       Early Cuban member in Florida

o       Tony Fernandez - Former associate of Fidel Castro

o       Early Cuban member in Florida

o       Alexandre Mourra - First member in Haiti

o       Cuban and Haitian Saints in Florida

o       Victor Nugent - Jamaican Pioneer

o       Conversion Story of early member

o       Life as a Youth in the Church in Jamaica

o       Child Pioneer in the Church

o       Missionary work in 1982-83

o       The Church in Jamaica Today

o       Missionary Experience - the McKenzie family

o       Visit to the Dominican Republic, February 1978

o       Hurricane David in the Caribbean, August 1979

o       Ramona, a Dominican woman, baptized in Barcelona

o       Hurricane - 1998

o       Chronology of the Church in Puerto Rico

o       Early Convert in Puerto Rico

o       First Branches organized in Puerto Rico

o       A Pioneer Family in Puerto Rico

o       The Cortese Family in Puerto Rico

o       Hurricane Hugo hits Puerto Rico

o       Missionary Experience

o       Missionary Experience

o       A Youth Pioneer in Puerto Rico

o       Missionary Experience

o       Purse Snatcher in Puerto Rico

o       Boy Pioneer in the Virgin Islands


North America

o       Hannah Romney's journey to Mexico

o       Camilla Eyring Kimball

o       Marion G. Romney

o       Pancho Villa

o       Pancho Villa: Part 2

o       Pancho Villa: Part 3

o       Baptism of Doroteo Arango (Pancho Villa)

o       Horacio A. Tenorio - First Native Mexican General Authority

o       A missionary handshake through the glass

o       Colonia Juarez Temple Dedication

o       Colonia Juarez Temple Dedication

o       Miracles in Guadalajara

o       1950s Missionary Experience

o       Missionaries Protected in Guadalajara

o       The Mexico City Temple

o       Teaching a village

o       President Lester B. Whetten's Dream

o       Louis S. Cardon

o       Joseph C. Bentley

o       Finding the Church in Mexico

o       Conference in Chihuahua

o       Mexico in the early 70s

o      Recollections of the Past - Emma Hillman


Central America

o       The Otavalo Indians

o       The Otavalo Indians, 1987

o       Missionary Experience - Rivera Family

o       The Pilay Family, 1987 Converts

o       Progress in Latacunga and Ventanas

o       Mission experience: Enrique Cueyo

o       Ecuador contact shows up in New York

o       Hurricane Damage - November 1998

o       Antonio Pineda, Convert and Bishop

o       "His Ways" - missionary experience

o       Jose Maria Figueres, President of Costa Rica

o       The First Chapel in Guatemala

o       The Indians of Totonicapan

o       Conversion Story of Daniel Mich

o       Elder Randall Ellsworth, Earthquake Victim

o       "The Way Prepared" - Pres. Gordon M. Romney

o       Carlos H. Amado, Guatemalan General Authority

o       Missionary Experience: Feast for the Poor

o       Missionary experience, 1960s

o       Just one more street

o       Shoe-shine boys

o       1958 Easter in Retalhuleu

o       Hugh B. Brown in Guatemala

o       Pres. Hinckley's visit to Tegucigalpa

o       Missionary experiences during Hurricane Mitch

o       Missionary experiences during Hurricane Mitch

o       Missionary experiences during Hurricane

o       The Sandanistas in Nicaragua

o       Impressions of 1977 Nicaragua

o       San Blas Islands reopened

o       The San Blas Islands

o       Story of Nelson Altamirano

o       A Serviceman's Experience

o       Recollections of the Early Days

o       Panama in 1998



South America

o       Melvin J. Ballard's Report of Service in Argentina

o       Angel Abrea, First General Authority from Argentina

o       The Avila Family of Buenos Aires

o       Power of the Members

o       Clive Walker, Early Missionary in Argentina

o       Remembrances of Carlos Avila

o       A Convert Baptism in Venado Tuerto

o       Church Growth in Argentina

       Bolivia history

o       Missionary Experience

o       Missionary Experience

o       Spencer W. Kimball at the 1977 Area Conference

o       Carlos Pedraja, Faithful Convert

o       Missionaries Assassinated, 1989

o       Hans Raldes Kobelik- From Athiest to Convert

o       Abrahan Bishop, Town Drunk


o       Notes on Early History

o       Quotes from Early Mission Presidents

o       Conversion Story of Helio Da Focha Camargo

o       Walter Spat, First Stake President

o       William W. Seegmiller and WW II in Brazil

o       Service Missionaries in Brazil, 1964

o       The Church in Recife; Sister Cavani

o       Helvegio Martins, First Black General Authority

o       LDS Growth in Brazil, 1976-1996

o       LDS Church in Campinas

o       The Milton Soares Family

o       1998 Brazil Temple Trip

o       Report of 1998 Brazil Temple Trip

       Chile - history

o       Omner Pratt's death in Chile, 1852

o       The Santiago Temple

o       Eduardo A. Lamartine

o       First Temple President in Chile

o       More on the First Temple

o       Missionary Work in the early 1970s

o       Ayala Family Converted, 1969

o       Ayala Family Converted, Espanol

o       Reflections of the Temple Dedication

o       Basuare Family

o       The Basaure family - update

o       Missionary Experiences

       Colombia - history

o       Julio E. Davila, General Authority

o       Horacio Tulio Insignares

o       The Cartagena Stake

       French Guiana - history

       Guyana - history

o       Missionary Couple

       Paraguay history

o       Luis A. Ramirez - First Paraguayan mission president

o       Luis A. Ramirez

o       More about Luis A. Ramirez

o       Conversion of the Chulupi Colony

o       Raul Aquino Gonzales, Faithful Schoolboy

o       Missionary Experience: Clara Galeano Bazan

o       Missionary Experience: Faith in a Rainstorm

       Peru - history

o       Elder Packer and a Child of the Lamanites

o       Oscar H. Aguayo, Faithful Convert

o       The Perotti Family, Pioneers in Peru

o       J. Vernon Sharp, 1960s Mission President

o       First Chapel in Ilo, Peru

o       Earthquake in Trujillo

o       Elder Kimball in Peru

       Suriname - history

       Uruguay - history

o       Frederick G. Williams and Descendants

o       50th Anniversary Celebration

o       Pastor Whitlock's Conversion

o       Early Missionary Efforts

o       A Convert's Testimony

o       Piera Bellaviti - Nun convert

o       Translating for the Prophet

o       Caracas Venezuela Temple Groundbreaking



o       Italy and Spain in 1951 - Faith of the Few!

o       Piera Bellaviti - Nun convert

o       Conversion of Don Vincent De Francesca - "How rare a Possession"

o       Post-war Missionary

o       Teaching the Italian "Gastarbeiter"

o       Reopening the Italian Mission

o       Missionary Work Among Italians in Germany, 1963-64

o       Witnessing the gift of tongues

o       President Kimball visits Italy

o       Missionary Experiences

o       Meeting President Benson

o       President Lee's 1972 visit to Italy

o       Memories as a boy in Milan, Italy

o       Visiting my ancestral village

o       Swiss Mission and Italy

o       Missionary Experience

o       Lino P. Gambarotto

o       Early missionary to Italy

o       Members in Italy during the late 1950s

o       Missionary in Pordenone in 1965-66

o       Experience at the Swiss Temple

o       Bruno Gerzeli

o       Visiting Trento

o       Conversion of the Abbate Family

o       The Vaudois (Waldensians)

o       Experiences of a sister missionary

o      Our quest for a chapel


o      Four "Mormon" Missionaries in the Tokyo Disaster

o      Then and Now Accounts

o      Church Beginnings in Korea - Part One

o      LDS GI's in Pusan 1953-54

o      Spencer J. Palmer

o      Hospitality of President and Sister Slover

o      Seviceman Remembers Early Days and President Lee's Visit

o      Power of the Priesthood Manifested

o      A Handshake from President Spencer W. Kimball

o      Missionary Learns from Conversion

o      Two Christmases to Remember

o      My Friend Eun Sik Kim

o      1946 - The Church Enters Korea

o      A Temple in Korea - Getting Started